Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nappy Cake

Last week I went to see a dear work friend who had just had her first baby.  A beautiful baby girl called Emma weighing 6lb13oz.  Somewhere in my blog surfing and general net surfing I'd read about "Diaper Cakes/Nappy Cakes".  Stunning cake creations formed from nappies (diapers in US).  There are many truly creative cakes out there and look just like a three-tiered wedding cake!  They can be dressed as you like with gifts for the newborn such as baby bottles, dummies, baby lotions and baby clothes.  They are in whatever colour and theme the maker chooses.

I first attempted one last March for my sis-in-law (again first baby - and a girl too!) as part of their baby one-month party.  Chinese & Vietnamese culture celebrate a baby's one month birthday or Full Moon (滿月) as it's known in Chinese.  It also marks the end of the mother's confinement period. 

Here is the one I made for my friend---

It's constructed from Size 3 nappies for 9-20lb babies.  I got them slightly bigger so she could enjoy the cake before dismantling it to use the goodies!  It also has 3 muslin cloths (burp cloths), 7 baby vests and a pink fleece blanket all topped off with a soft cuddly giraffe!

It was finished by wrapping in cellophane and tying with curling ribbon.  My friend loved it and doesn't intend on dismantling it to use anytime soon if she can help it!  It's a bit wobbly looking in places - especially above the bottom tier.  This can be strengthened by filling the gap at the top by using some rolled baby socks.

This was last year's creation - again another pink cake!

I forget what size nappies this one was - maybe a smaller size I think as Chloe was a 5lb+ baby when born.  It has a pink fleece blanket; baby socks; baby bibs, a pair of mitts (I knitted myself); a pair of crocheted booties (again made by me) and finally a little bunny topper.

It was quite fun making these and I would love to receive one of these when my little one is born in August - but I'm not sure my creative friends are this way inclined!  Maybe I will make one for myself nearer the time so I can gaze at it in awe!  After all, I do have to do something to keep myself occupied when I start my Mat Leave in July!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fresh Fruit Birthday Cake

I also made the cake for the birthday party.  I baked a mandarin chiffon cake topped with vanilla cream and fresh fruit.

The cake was sliced into three layers and had fresh pineapple compote in the bottom layer and mango cream.  It was topped off with more cream and decorated with fresh pineapple; nectarine; kiwi fruit; mango strawberry; blueberry and finally a mandarin glaze! 

Cake decoration and assembly did take quite a while I can tell you!  Doubt if patisserie shops would be as slow as me!  If did cause a sensation at the party and I'm glad to say it was all eaten!

Biscuits for a 1 Year Old's Birthday

Last week, our niece turned one!  How quickly a year has gone by!  She is ever so cute and lovable and there was a party to celebrate her birthday - although it was mainly for us adults as she hasn't got any little friends or cousins yet!

I made some cookies that I then iced.  They looked good in the book and so cute and fun to make.  I soon got bored of icing them though!