Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fresh Fruit Birthday Cake

I also made the cake for the birthday party.  I baked a mandarin chiffon cake topped with vanilla cream and fresh fruit.

The cake was sliced into three layers and had fresh pineapple compote in the bottom layer and mango cream.  It was topped off with more cream and decorated with fresh pineapple; nectarine; kiwi fruit; mango strawberry; blueberry and finally a mandarin glaze! 

Cake decoration and assembly did take quite a while I can tell you!  Doubt if patisserie shops would be as slow as me!  If did cause a sensation at the party and I'm glad to say it was all eaten!


  1. wow, this is a gorgeous cake!! so professional looking, especially with the glaze :)

  2. Thanks! :0) It took me long enough! ;0)
    Loving your blog by the way! I've a lot to learn where vietnamese cooking is concerned!