Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Birthday Cake!!! Chocolate & Raspberry Cream

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

It was my birthday on Saturday and we were away on hols - Cornwall.  We were fortunate to have sun for the duration but if we'd had our way, we would've been soaking up the rays on the sunny mediterranean island of Cyprus.  With the hoo-hah about the volcanic ash cloud having over Europe, we were grounded like the planes.  Luckily we were booked on a package deal and were able to get a full refund.  I was bitterly upset as it was to be my our last holiday abroad for a little while as I am now 25weeks pregnant with our first baby.  I'd even arranged for my mum to have time off with us - she very rarely takes time out from the take-away so it was going to be an extra special holiday too!  Still, we managed to get a break for the duration of the time off we'd booked from work so it wasn't all bad.

However, on my return to work, I'd promised to bring in a joint birthday cake as it was my birthday on Saturday, and a colleague's on Monday.  I'd decided it was going to be a chocolate chiffon filled with raspberry cream.

I was really pleased with the outcome as I wasn't confident a chiffon cake would rise properly in a non-stick cake pan that didn't have a central tube for the cake batter to cling on up.  It rose well and even stayed in the pan during cooling.  The raspberry cream was a bit on the soft side as I should have beaten it to stiff peaks before folding the raspberry puree through it.  It wouldn't stiffen further after that point.  Nevertheless, I sandwiched the layers with raspberry jam and the raspberry cream.  It was topped with more raspberry cream and decorated with raspberries.

It was devoured by my work colleagues and I even managed to get a slice myself -as well as making sure I took a wedge home for my hubby! ;0)

It's a fantastic recipe and the result is a very light cake with plenty of bubbles and is moist too! 

I'm busy baking again in the kitchen today as it's my manager's milestone birthday tomorrow and he's asked me to make a cake for work!  I'm baking an orange chiffon and it will be decorated with cream and fresh fruit.

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