Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year, New Decade, New Start!

Now, am I crazy to choose to start 'blogging' at Christmas time?  The busiest time for most people and I think I'd be clever and start my own blog!?!?!  Nuts huh?

Well, there is always so much I want to do but if I spent less time in front of pc and more time doing I'd probably get more done!  I knew Christmas was coming and yet it smacked my on the bum this year I was so unprepared!  I was wrapping  pressies Christmas morning!  How bad is that?!?!?

I'd baked a batch of holiday cookies so they were ready for give-away pressies and also for my work mates to chomp!  I made some Cinnamon Snowflakes.  The lemon icing is time-consuming to pipe - maybe if I had a piping bag with small nozzle it'd make life easier rather than using a paper-cone with the end snipped off?

I also made some Orange Christmas Trees too!  Do you like the Smarties as baubles?  I took most of the holiday cookies into work and they were popular!

Well, I enjoyed a relaxing Christmas at home with the folks - it was fun playing with my niece who at almost 4 is beginning to find lots of new vocabulary and is surprisingly good at jig-saw puzzles!  She starts off really enthusiastically, but then her interest wanes until the final 6 pieces that she insists on counting!  She'll say, "How many left?"  Then starts counting, "One, two, three, four, five, six!"  Places one piece into the puzzle, then repeats the counting again!  It's amusing!  How kids bring smiles and happiness to a household!

New Year was a nice quiet affair at home.  I was watching the usual end-of-year reviews on tv.  Best bit was chomping a greedy-size portion of my Apple Crumble Pie! 

A shortcrust pastry base filled with soft apple chunks and sultanas, topped with crumbly, crunchy, cinnamony crumble.  A drizzle of cream and a blob of vanilla ice-cream!  Sheer decadence!

And now starts the New Year Diet!  Groan!

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