Sunday, 3 January 2010

Diet?!?!? IS a Low-Fat Moist Carrot Cake?

I said 2010 would be a start of a new diet - well, healthy eating regime.  More fruit and vegetables, less processed foods and sugary and fat snacks. 

After seeing a scrummy looking carrot cake on a different blog, I have been itching to bake a carrot cake!  I waited until the apple crumble pie was fully demolished first though - can't have too much cake now!  This is not my recipe but one from a well-known chef.  I use a few of her cake recipes and find them fool-proof for good results. 

A made a few tweaks here and there by reducing sugar quantity by 25g and then using 150g light cream cheese and about 25g icing sugar for the topping as opposed to 250g of quark and 20g of caster sugar.  Basically use as much sugar you need to take the sharp twang off the cream cheese. 

The baked cake before topping goes on.

The cake does live up to it's name and is deliciously moist and light and very, very moreish!  It is full of juicy sultanas and is very flavoursome!

You can just take a bite now couldn't you?  The topping isn't too sweet or too thick - just as I like it!  The cake tastes divine - not too sweet either and I think would be quite acceptable on it's own.  The cream cheese topping just makes it more luxuriant!

If you want the original recipe I used here's the link - all credit to the author - a wonderful cake maker in my opinion!

I hope you enjoy!

I have made this cake before and you can change the shape of the cake.  I wanted to try my new spring form tube pan.  Hence the cake complete with it's cream cheese topping looks like a giant Polo Mint!!! 
Here's the cake in a square tin which I made to take into work on my birthday.

I coloured some marzipan orange and made them into baby carrots and added some (bought) sugar flowers to give the cake a nice Spring-time theme  (my birthday is in April.).  The topping is a lemon butter icing which went well with the cake.  I omitted the orange zest in the cake mix and didn't add the orange sugar syrup to the cake after baking.  It still tasted nice and was well received at work.

Just need to work off those calories I've just consumed in sampling the cake!

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