Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lemon & Blueberry Macarons

Macarons are still all the rage in the baking world.  These little beauties look so cute but are difficult to master!  There are many recipes and blogs out there teaching you the basics but I think its something you probably need to see and feel to know you are getting it right. 

My first attempt was laughable.  More like an almond gooey cookie.  See I took some photos of shame - they are at the bottom of this post, Macaron Madness.

My second attempt I thought were great until I tried to peel them off the paper.  Hmmm...wet bases.  Also, they were rather flat.

You can just about make out the green tea mac's atthe back.  I split the batch and made two flavours.

Attempt number 3 was lemon macarons.  I need to practice the piping too!

Filled with lemon butter icing and a lemon curd centre - lemonicious!

Attempt number 4 was blueberry.  These were filled with fresh blueberry coulis and lemon butter icing.  These macaron shells I managed to cook perfectly but forgot to push in the 'tails' on my blobs.  These had an amazing chewy texture, the warm fruity gooey blueberry centre and a refreshing lemon flavour!  Oh my!  I can understand how people get addicted to these! :D

Blueberry & Lemon - these were soo good!  Again lemon butter icing but with a fresh blueberry coulis.

When I tasted the lemon one I thought, "Hmmm....nice."  After my teeth sank into the chewy macaron shell of the blueberry one and my mouth was filled with taste and texture sensations, a slow smile spread across my face.  "Yeah!  This is what macarons are all about!"  I've still yet to try a bought macaron.  They don't do them here in my town - I'd have to go to the food hall of Selfridges or Harrods in London I think.  But for now, these will do! ;)

Aren't they just cute?


  1. Yeap, macaroons making is quite challenging. Mostly because of the baking temperature and causing the biscuit is undercooked most of the time. At the end the whole thing collapse. Me too! I have to overcome the piping technic as well. Yours look really gorgeous... just like those from Laduree! :o) Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  2. Thankyou Kristy! That is the biggest compliment! :D Yes, my problems have been getting the mix right, getting the heat right. (I hid the cracked yellow ones - the purple ones were better!)
    I will have to try Laduree or Pierre Hermes one day....

  3. Hooray! Looks like you've conquered them, well done :) They are absolutely cute little beauties. And I know what you mean about getting addicted to them. I only bake small batches otherwise we'd all go into a sugar coma.

  4. Yay! Macarons! :D :D Yours look perfect! And really yummy too ;) I've only made macarons once, and luckily they were successful....I need to try making them again! I've only bought macarons one (and that was only one macaron) because they're not too common and they're pretty expensive too- but the one I bought pretty much tasted exactly the same as the ones I made :D

  5. Lynne....great macarons and I agree with is not easy to make this and yours looks perfect. I can never make this :(
    Your Minh is getting more handsome by the day..I don't know how you are going to keep the girls at bay when he grows up :) Muax and hug him for me :)))

  6. Hi PL

    How's things going on? Havent heard from your blog for a while? Busy with baby or with work?

    Bee @EEWIF

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  8. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by at my blog & leaving a comment about the wedding cake I made - it's always lovely to hear from readers : ) It looks like you have a lot of fun adventures in baking!

  9. Congrats! not easy to get this perfect and you did it! High five!!

  10. Recipe please??