Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Chiffon Cake Photos II

These are taken from the digital camera - hopefully better picture quality than the camera phone!

Here is a Gluten-Free Lemon Chiffon. I have a gluten intolerant friend and I made this cake as a treat for her.  She was having a stressful day decorating a 2-tier surprise birthday cake for her mum and I wanted to bring a smile to her.

This is the Mango Chiffon I created for my birthday.  It still stands fairly tall baked in a round springform tin despite not having a central tube to climb up on during baking.  I think this was a 9" cake.  It was also another gluten-free chiffon.

Ideally, I should've used more cream to top cake with but I wanted it to be not as sinful as I had a friend who was on a diet - too much cream and she may not even try it!

My gluten intolerant friend enjoyed the lemon chiffon so much she asked me to make another but fill it with cream, raspberries and strawberries for her partner's birthday.  I would like to have glazed the fruits but sometimes you have to go with what the customer wants!


  1. Lynne, I am envious of you! You make great chiffon cakes:) I wish I could bake them like you. Your birthday cake , full of mangoes...yummy;)

    1. Thank you Elin! LOL
      Remember the chocolate one I was telling you about that fell out of tin on Sunday? I patched it up :p Wasn't as well risen as previous chiffons. I think I made error measuring the flour :p
      I took step by step photos and will create a post - especially for you ;) Xx