Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Chiffon Cake Photos

These are a selection of photos taken from my camera phone (hence not great pictures and lighting).  Most have these have been celebration cakes and dressed with fruit and cream.

I made this as a surprise for a friend's 30th Birthday (July 2011)

This was for my niece's 3rd Birthday in March 2012. A Vanilla Chiffon, split in 3 layers.

Just to show you how tall my chiffon cakes usually rise - 4 egg mix in a 9" springform pan.

Mango Chiffon made for my birthday (April 2012).  Only a skimpy amount of cream as a friend was on a diet!

A Banana Chiffon I made for my mum's work - smells so good my son wants some!

Lovely, tall and airy.  I think I didn't invert this one quick enough as the top has dipped slightly and you can see the bubbles are squashed.  (Cake is inverted to serve so top of cake is actually on the bottom.)

Chiffon cakes can be successfully made using gluten-free flour! A lemon chiffon filled with fresh raspberries and cream as per my friend's request.


  1. Nice nice, I am drooling already. Such beautiful birthday cakes. How I wish I can be your real life friend :)

  2. Wow your son is so big already! Is he already 2 years old?

    1. Almost Miss B! In 2 months time he will be - better start planning this year's cake-creation! :D

      If you move to my neighbourhood you can taste-test my cakes! ;)

  3. So many chiffon cakes! And your baby is so grown up now. Wow! I have missed so much blog reading. Hope you are well and looking forward to seeing the cake creation :)