Sunday, 15 July 2012

Birthday Cakes

Just a few pictures of some of the Birthday Cakes I've made...

This is a marbled vanilla and chocolate Rose Cake covered in Pink Strawberry Chocolate Ganache.
Sweet for a 9 year old's birthday :)

This was made for one of my friends.  As you can tell it was her daughter's 1st birthday.  I like when people aren't too specific with their cake demands as being a novice - I'm not sure what I can create!
This had the requirements of being pretty but not pink!  I enjoyed making this one - even cutting up a large rectangular cake into a number one shape! 
The cake is a fondant iced, vanilla sponge filled with home-made jam and buttercream. 

Close up of Butterfly and Daisy

This was a surprise for my husband's work colleague.  I wanted to try out a chocolate cake recipe and practice modelling chocolate for the first time.  Not sure I enjoy working with modelling chocolate.  Very strange substance.  Was the first time using chocolate pouring ganache but that was fun!

I have also made some novelty cakes in the form of characters - but I will have to find those photos :)
Oh, & I must find you photos from my son's first birthday - last year :p  He will be TWO soon!!!


  1. Hey Plumleaf,
    I am bit like you, or you are a bit like me. I love to bake cakes for friends, so that I can try out new cake recipes and designs, without having to eat the cake myself :)
    Very nice fondant cakes that you made. I have not tried covering whole cake with fondant yet.

    1. I like my fondant fairly thin :) 2~3mm thick only!
      It's very much a practice and you get better thing! ;)

  2. Very pretty cakes. And you're right, I find modelling chocolate slightly odd to work with too. I've only tried it a couple of times though.

    1. Thank you Shaz :)
      I've seen modelling choc used by cake decorators on TV & I hate how they make it look so easy and pliable :p

  3. I love it! I'll definitely make this for my mom and my brother this coming weekend.

    1. Great! I hope you have fun baking and decorating! Have a wonderful family weekend!