Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mrs Plum's Rice Dumpling (Joong)

I couldn't get a video of my mum's wrapping technique as she was never wrapping any whenever I was visiting.  (Maybe next year ;) )  Not making any myself this year I thought we were not going to get to eat any - luckily, on my recent visit to mum's I was gifted with 4 of these beauties to take home :)

These ones are Chicken and Chinese Mushroom fillings.  There is also the added dried shrimp you see there spilling onto the plate and I found sliced "lap cheong" Chinese Dried Sausage as well as chestnut.  The rice is wonderfully soft and sticky and I chose to eat mine with a splash of thick sweet soy Kecap Manis.  I think chilli oil would've been nice too :p

Hope you enjoyed your dragon Boat Festival and ate lots of tasty dumplings :p


  1. Wow this is gigantic! Must have tasted heavenly :)
    Wish I can wrap my own some day :p

    1. Hi Miss B
      It's pretty big but that is a side plate in the picture - see the mug in background :)
      All the same - keeps you happily quiet at lunchtime ;)
      I can't do this shape - too fiddly to get neat. I do the umn one when you twist leaves into cone shape, fill, then use the excess leaves to cover the exposed rice like a lid :p
      I'll have to find the video I learned the technique from :)

    2. If you have the time, maybe u can post your mum's recipe of the "normal-sized" rice dumpling Look forward to your video :)

    3. Hmmm... mum's recipe...?
      Well, I know the glutinous rice is washed and soaked in a bowl of water overnight to swell the grains and her filling ingredients are cooked together like a huge stir-fry with seasonings (salt, pepper, sugar, soy...) and thickened with cornflour and water. Once filling is cooled she uses it as her filling and also adds finely chopped shallot when wrapping. It's EVEN better if she adds crushed roasted peanuts - but my older bro doesn't like peanuts in his filling... :(

  2. Thanks for the quick reply :)
    Btw wanna tell u that every time I drop you a reply in your blog, I receive a delivery failure notice of your yahoo email in my google mailbox. Maybe you wanna check if your yahoo mailbox is full?

    1. Thanks Miss B.... I think mailbox is getting a little crammed full - most do Spring Cleaning :p

      Have found some more wrapping videos...the one I used initially is now expired. :\