Saturday, 26 June 2010

Something Blue

It's occurred to me that despite the description of my blog is "Cooking, creating and gardening..." I haven't as yet, posted/blogged much other than various baking and cooking attempts.  So, here is something I made last week.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I attend craft classes.  Most of these are card-making and parchment classes.  I attend a few jewellery making ones and recently made a threaded beaded bracelet.  On the way home that evening from class, I thought what it would look like made from pearlised beads. 

I must say I was pleased with the result and it was perfect as I had a Wedding Blessing to attend today and needed a blue coloured accessory to complete my outfit!

My mum always admires my results from craft class and I always replicate what I learnt in class as a bracelet for herself.  Guess what?  She likes the bracelet herself and has requested one for herself in purple!  All I need is to source my materials and I'm threading and beading!  I'm glad someone likes my efforts!  I only wish I was creative enough and talented enough to devise these patterns myself!

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