Friday, 30 July 2010

Peanut Butter Cookies

This is a cookie that I've tried making several times over the years and there must be 1001 recipes out there.  I like my cookie to be crisp, crumbly and nutty.  This cookie ticks two of my boxes but it's not quite got that nutty hit for me.  It's a good little cookie though - quick and easy and makes a decent sized batch so great for mass bakes where you want to split your goodies amongst friends and families.  I think after having made Chinese Peanut Cookies for Chinese New Year, nothing quite else hits that nutty spot!

I would make this again and would probably incorporate some ground roasted peanuts in for added fragrance and aroma and I would switch to using grams (I've gone finally gone metric now I have digital scales!) rather than faff with cups. 

The recipe (once again) isn't mine (do I really spend that much time blog-surfing?).  It's the excellent photography from here: Peanut Butter Cookies that motivated me to make these.  I have packaged a box to take with me to craft class, boxed some for my brother and also for my cousin who will be visiting from Hong Kong.  (Needless to say I have also put some away for hubbs - can't forget him now can I?)


  1. Wow, your peanut butter cookies look husband has been asking for these cookies for a while...and I've been searching for a recipe...and I think I just found it... :-)

  2. of my favourite cookies. Yours look very crunchy and delicious.I always get to eat them during Chinese New Year when I was back home. I should make them here. By the way, thanks very much for explaining on my blog what is Eaton Mess. I should be making that with any leftover meringues :D Hope you have a lovely day. Mary

  3. Thanks Juliana! I hope your hubbs apreciates the cookies! I think I would bake them until they turn golden on the edges - I prefer a crisper cookie!

    Chinese Peanut Cookies are easy Mary! Very fragrant from the crushed peanuts - more so than peanut butter cookies! I made them earlier this year - very tasty and crumbly! Let me know if you get to try Eaton Mess!