Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Start of a year long holiday....

W-e-l-l...I doubt if it really will be a relaxing and refreshing holiday at all!  More like time away from the money-earning aspect of my adult life.

Friday was my last working day for a while.  12 months at least.  I am currently on 2 week annual leave before I officially start my Maternity Leave.  As I won't be returning to the office after annual leave, it means it was my last working day.  It was a busy one too!  One colleague was away on their annual leave, another was off-sick and not having any relief staff to cover absences meant we struggled with the busy workload that Friday brings.  Coupled with the fact that month end and start are our busiest times too it was an exhausting day!

We had an evening of fun to look forward to though.  Had I not been so tired after work these days I would have made a cake to indulge my colleagues with - but as it was I've been trying to put feet up in the evenings to alleviate my puffy ankles and swollen feet (no joy there though).

We went to a Chinese restaurant with an 'All-You-Can-Buffet' - the price was extremely reasonable at £12 a head.  There was sufficient choice and as with most places, some dishes well prepared, others you would quite happily live without sampling.  The main reason for going there was the evening entertainment on Fridays.  There is a DJ that organises a karaoke evening which I was looking forward too!  The venue is spacious and managed to accommodate a child's birthday party, another party (adult's birthday?  have no idea what the occasion was) as well as my leaving party.  There still were other tables available for other guests and was not dominated by the groups.

I had a great time and I think so did my colleagues - I made up some party bags for fun which had party poppers, games, balloons, sweets, chocolate and squawkers in them.  I think we made more mess than the kids table!

So, I've time off to relax, enjoy some sun and to mentally prepare for our biggest change in our lives - PARENTHOOD!  At the moment, the realisation fills me with fear and dread, but am glad that I have the time to try and relax about the birthing process and get myself focused and ready.

So, hang on in there Junior!  Let mummy enjoy her last 4.5 weeks of free time before you say "Hello!".


  1. Hi PL....great to hear that you are going to be mom soon. First child? Congrats and can't wait to hear about your junior :))

  2. Won't be long now. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Plum Leaf, lovely to meet you. Good luck with Junior, hope you do get time to relax a little bit before the big day. Sleep in as much as you can :)

  4. Thanks for all your best wishes! :0)
    Yes, crazy enoughto embark on this journey of being parents! Is it a signal that we should grow up?
    Am enjoying my time off at the moment - bloghopping, facebooking, meeting friends, baking and crafting!
    Am hoping Junior will stay put til end of July as my last class is 30 Jul - after that any day is fine by me! Hee Hee Hee!