Sunday, 8 August 2010

Another New Kitchen Toy! - Kenwood Food Mixer

Not only was I lucky enough to get a halogen oven, I also got a food mixer too!  It has a stainless steel bowl and comes with a beater (for cake mixes), whisk (meringues and cream - will be handy for chiffon cakes!) and a dough hook.  Always wanted something that would do the hard job of kneading for me!
Saying that, I did bake a loaf of bread last Sunday and make a batch of Chinese Sweet Bread Buns - one half was Cocktail Buns, the other half was Sausage Buns.

Today, I'm making a loaf of bread again and am trying out a new recipe for Chinese Sweet Bread Dough.

Dough is proving for my loaf and I'm glad I had the mixer to knead the sticky dough!  I hate it clinging to my fingers in a gooey sticky mess!

Will post the results later!

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