Monday, 9 August 2010

Bun in Oven and Still Baking!

Coconut Bun 椰子麵包

Those who don't know English slang, having a "Bun-in-the-oven" means you are pregnant.  I am officially overdue - well, not me as such.  Junior is.  Estimated Due Date is was Saturday 7 August.  I guess Junior doesn't fancy that day as it's birthday and so is waiting until their lucky number comes up!

I don't mind too much, I've had it fairly easy throughout my pregnancy.  I'm finding the swollen feet and ankles annoying as it makes walking a little more sore and having a big bump in front of you certainly slows you down and gets in the way when you drop something (which is ALL the time!). 

Anyway, I digress.  Thought I'd check out the other new kitchen toy that hubbs bought - the Food Mixer.  For some unknown reason I wanted to bake my own bread.  I tell you, it certainly was quick and easy when there is a machine that does the messy mixing and kneading for you! 

The Kenwood in action!

Well.....why stop there at one loaf I heard a voice in my head.  I love to blog-surf and have bookmarked many a recipe with the view of trying them out.  Some of the recipes I find are just going around the blogosphere from one blogger to another.  Others try out recipes they've read from books and I thought I'd do the same.  I ordered this book along with some others and have yet to try any recipes out.  (Personally I think I just collect books I like the look of - especially baking books!)  It's from "Alex Goh's Baking Class - Bread" and I know bloggers have been raving about his cakes and bread and I thought I'd put the Kenwood to some good use!

Afternoon Tea anyone?

Seeing as I had a machine that was going to do the hard work I decided to choose the Sponge and Dough Method to make the Basic Sweet Bun Dough.  His reasoning is that it produces "...a softer, bigger loaf which keeps longer".  Time is not of the essence with me today and in all honesty I'd prefer a loaf or buns that stayed soft and obviously kept well.  There's only the two of us at the end of the day and although I'm sure I'll give some buns away to my mum, there's only so many buns you can gorge yourself silly on!

I had a crazy day in the kitchen and in the end this is what I've made...........

Mountain of Coconut Buns and some Cinnamon & Raisin Buns (ran out of coconut filling)

I think I might have got a bit carried away!  At least I know how many buns are made out of a portion of Alex's Basic Sweet Bun Dough

I also made 4 jars of Three Berry Jam (Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry) - I decided to make room in the freezer and these frozen berries were taking up too much room!  Home-made jam is so much tastier than store-bought,  Somehow there is an intensity of fruit flavour that I don't get from a shop-bought jar.  These berries were just on special offer at the time and found their way into the freezer for jam-making.  Haven't been picking any raspberries from Mum's garden this year. 

I was going to buy a loaf of bread from the bakery yesterday but seeing as hubbs had bought a new toy - we'd thought we'd make our own.  I like my toast in the morning - hubbs is seems is not a big bread lover.

I'll post up the bread and buns later on separate posts.  Too tired now!


  1. Hi you are suppose to be resting while waiting for junior to arrive and I see all these buns...hahaha junior will put on weight for sure :))
    Take care and looking forward to reading more...did I hear picking raspberries from your mom's garden....take me, I wanna go pick with you :)

  2. tes brioches ont l'air délicieuses j'en craque
    prends soin de ton junior
    bonne journée

  3. Hi there,

    Bumped into you while hopping.....seems to have fallen in love, bookmarked & will find time to read on.
    Hope the bun is out of the oven! I just celebrated mine on the 5th recently.
    Have a good day.

  4. Elin: Yep, was supposed to be resting but I had this new toy I had to put to the test and I was out of bread for my morning toast! :0p ( as it turned out, I was away for a few days and returned to a blue spotted loaf! :0s )

    Fimere: Merci beaucoup. Ils étaient délicieux!
    J'espère que vous les essayer un jour.

    Makcikkantin: Thankyou for bookmarking me and I hope you find time to have a browse.
    Bun is finally out! Came on 10th! Will have to post a notice on that one soon as well as the bread 'n' buns recipes!
    Congrats on your bun too!

  5. I love to eat sweet bread like these. These look just like the one at the bakery. So professional.

  6. Thank you ch3rri - I aim to please! ;0)