Sunday, 31 October 2010

Baby's first Halloween!

It's still Halloween (just) here!  Halloween is becoming big business here in UK - even the shop assistants in the supermarket were dressed for the occasion on Saturday!  There are Halloween outfits for children, adults AND babies, but I thought it too cruel to dress Minh as a pumpkin - I mean what if it gives him a complex for the rest of his life?!?!?  lol

Anyway, decided I will buy a pumpkin to carve into a lantern for him - not that he'll understand mind, it was something I wanted to do.  Funny thing being a parent - makes you do the most daftest of things!  Never had inclination to make a pumpkin lantern before and there I was thios afternoon carving one for my (almost) 3 month old son!  Crazy!

Funnier still was going outside to see what the lit lantern looked like from outside and taking a snap of it from outside.  Durrrr....why not just take a picture indoors!?!?!?!? lol

This ghostly Lantern has arms and a body!! It's my reflection silly! 


  1. Ha ha ha, I completely understand when you say parenthood makes one do the daftest things! I too had never had the inclination to do anything halloweeny before kids arrived :) Great pumpkin carving.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

    Re the bag, I would definately make sure that once you cut the material that you zig zag stitch all round before you sew it as it frays terribly. I would also stitch quite slowly as if you use sew too fast it affects the shape of the material. My only other tip would be to use a really fine needle with it. Let me know how you get on!

  3. As a parent, we tend to do the most senseless things for our kids, anytime.

    I like your Jack-O-Lantern, must have spent alot of time carving it.

    My nephew, who just arrived London last month, went for a halloween party, quite a sight for him as we don't really celebrate halloween in Sgp.

  4. Thanks Shaz! Does that mean more daft things to come just to please the Lil' Folk?

    No probs Pootle Flump! (I do hazily remember the flumps, Pootle def the fave!)
    Am going to get a few (I hope!) bags under my sewing belt first before I tackle the silk. Am thinking of a purse frame purse. Wish me luck or raving insanity!