Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Bun Bakery

Was woken early by the "Boss" (also known as Baby Minh) so I thought I'd might as well get on with baking the buns I'd prepared the night before. 

 Tuna mayo buns are a favourite of mine from hols to Hong Kong so I recreated them at home.

 Sausage buns were a childhood favourite so I'm reliving some memories.  Although they were mainly just rolled around the sausage - a bit like a mummified sausage.

 Had to make some Char Siu Chan Buns too!

Tray of buns ready to take to my parents house later.

** I did this post in a hurry & have now included links to the recipes where available.


  1. Nice looking buns. I think I should get a lesson or two from you :-)

    Recipes? Do I send a msg to you personally on this?

  2. Hi Nasifriet, I've made chinese baked buns a few times now:

    The dough recipe is actually from Everybody Eats Well in Flanders:

    The only filling I've mentioned how I made, is Baked Char Siu Buns 叉燒餐包 :

    Next time I make buns I will take more photos and blog the ingredients & quantities. Some of it is on the spur of the moment fillings and I go by eye rather than weights & measures. I will take notes as I make them next time!

    Thanks for looking!

  3. Oh my goodness! That sure is a whole lot of bun. How on earth do you find the time, not only to bake buns, decorate cakes and sew, all with a baby in the house. Hats off to you.

  4. lol Shaz! Only one pleasure at a time! Yes, was a double batch of buns as I knew they'd get shared out amongst my Mum, older Bro & a friend! I also made Crispy Roast Pork and Steamed Taro Cake which I've not blogged yet! I was thoroughly worn out after Christmas was over I can tell you!
    I find the evenings after my dinner the best time to work. Baby Minh is asleep (or Mr Leaf is home) & I am free to mix up bun dough, shape and fill and leave ov'night to prove. I glaze and bake in the morning. Sometimes I get a snippet of time mid-morning after Minh's bottle he may nap so I have to take opportunity when I can.
    Am itching to start next sewing project - curtains for Minh's room but not found the time yet!

  5. Wow - you're amazing! You've a one person Chinese bakery! I'd love one of those sausage buns right now!

  6. Su-Lin, I use a stand-alone mixer to miss up my dough - it leaves me time to deal with attention-requiring babies! I was thoroughly worn out after Christmas though!

    I've almost fully recovered from the manic bun bake-off and contemplating on making some more soon! :0)