Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow, Snow Go Away, Come Back Another Day

Our front garden is a carpet of white snow!
Britain is covered under a blanket of snow.  It is causing havoc with transport in the country as airports are closed.  No flights landing and minimal flights leaving.  We don't cope very well with snow in this country and only a thin sprinkling of snow is enough to cause disruption to transport links.

I usually spend Monday's at my parent's home and we had planned to go to a Chinese Supermarket to stock up on goodies for Christmas.  Mum makes Chinese soup every week and at Christmas time she makes one with exotic roots and tubers.  Well, exotic to the natives here but I've grown up seeing them so not weird and wonderful to my eye!  This soup would have the following:   Arrowroot or Kudzu (I would pronounce this 'fun goht' in Cantonese, I believe it may be known as 'fen ge' or 'ge gen' 葛根 in mandarin);

蓮藕 Lotus Root ('leen ngow')         

馬蹄 Water Chestnut ('mah tai')    

It would also have things like pork bones, carrots other goodies to make it flavoursome and sweet.  I had suggested we go buy these last week but noooooo parents wanted to leave it to the week before Christmas.  Personally, I though getting it two weeks before the event will hopefully mean less crowds.  Parents obviously wanted it last minute as possible so it would be fresher.  Well.  With the snow that we had and the chance of more in the afternoon it totally scuppered the idea of me leaving my house to get to them (they only live 25 miles away 35-45 minute drive normally).  So, Chinese supermarket trip has not been made and the likelihood of having this yummy soup is slim.  

Chickens are snowed in!
I am hoping that the weather doesn't worsen as we always spend Christmas with my family.  My older brother brings his family over and stays at my parent's house and the house is a hive of fun as me and my younger brother play and entertain my niece (she will be five soon!).  Was having depressing thoughts of being snowed in at home and spending a quiet time just me, Mr Leaf and the baby. 

Although I have some more material to blog and pics to show you (foodie ones too!), I'm going to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Festive Christmas - may it be merry and bright!  Best wishes for 2011!!!



  1. Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Christmas too! Hopefully you'll be able to get to your parent's place. I've heard from friends who've missed flights etc because of the snow, very stressful!.

  2. I hope you were able to travel safely! Hope your holidays were great!

  3. Hi Shaz! Yes thanks. Luckily there was no more heavy snow after that lot and although the snow stayed for a good week it wasn't that bad for travelling as the Gritters had been out!

    Hi Su-Lin! How lucky of you to be able to spend CHristmas abroad! Had a lovely family Christmas at my folks house and my brother and his family made it to Mum & Dad's too! Felt burnt out after Christmas as I had a big Boxing Day Bake out! I made two batches of Chinese baked buns (char siu, sausage & tuna fillings); Chinese Crispy Roast Pork "Siw Yook" and some Steamed Taro Cake "Woo Tau Goh".