Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Cakes

I haven't made Christmas cakes for a few years.  My family find them too rich, dense and sweet.  When I enquired whether Mr Leaf liked them he told me they were "too fruity".

I've been baking more this year and as a result of having this blog, taking pictures of my makes and bakes and sharing them (if not here, facebook).  I sometimes bake cakes and take them into work.  I like to try new recipes occasionally and when there's only me and Mr Leaf there's only so much cake two can eat.  We now have a Baby Leaf but there's no chance of him sampling cake for a while.

One of my work colleagues asked if I made Christmas Cakes and if so, would I make one for her.  (She insisted she pay so I wasn't to argue.)  I agreed and the above photo shows her finished cake. 

I enjoyed baking the cake, simmering the fruit in orange juice and brandy - it smelt sooo good!  I whipped up another batch (different recipe this time) and made one square cake and two smaller round cakes.  The square was halved to make two bar cakes.  The Frosted Holly Cake above is for one of our neighbours.

These two Polar Bears and Presents are for our neighbour on the other side of us.  They have two young children so I thought they'd like all the presents!

This cute scene, Snowball Fight with penguins and snowman was really fun to make!  I like the innocent penguin building his snowman unaware that his 'friend' is about to attack him with snowballs!  He eveb has a little supply of balled up snow ready as ammunition!

This little cake is for my friend who will be celebrating their first Christmas with their daughter who will be 10 months old.


  1. U are so talented. All the cakes look pretty, esp the first one, I like the design the most.

  2. Thankyou! It was tricky putting the crown together but I managed to get the pieces to stay upright even after having to drive 20 miles to deliver it!!!!

  3. WOw wow, wow. You are SO talented. Where on earth do you find the time? I love the penguins snowball fight version. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful new year.

  4. This is so cool! I've always wanted to bake a fondant cake but no guts hahaha. You've just inspired me to make one now! Shall see...

  5. Thanks Shaz, no I'm just a mere beginner. Not really made amny iced cakes as they are too sweet for my family's asian palate. I have made only three in the past - for a friend's family. I have to wait when baby has gone to bed before I ice my cakes. Cake baking was earlier in the month, I made the mix in the morning and they take long slow baking so I would prepare a casserole to put in oven too. That way I don't feel so bad for having oven on for 2.5hrs! :0)

    Ah...Blessed Homemaker - I look forward to seeing your creation! I have now got the responsiblity of making a First Birthday Cake for my friend's daughter in Feb. Am still getting inspiration.

  6. are not just creative but you are so talented too. The cakes look awesome so professionally done ! Lucky Minh..I am sure all his birthday cakes will be awesome and specially created by the great Mom :)

    Kiss Minh for me and a big hug for you :)

  7. Aw....Elin, thanks! I like to try my hand at different things - I sometimes have an idea in my head what I hope to do and it doesn't always work out in reality. I tried making Har Gau 蝦餃 and the dumpling dough was so hard to work with, too soft, wouldn't pleat, wouldn't stick, kept cracking, splitting....ugh! Dough was made from a packet too!
    Haven't the art of macarons yet either!

  8. wowwee, I havent visited your blog for so long and your xmas cake is amazing....I must ask u to be my shifu so that I can learn from you!
    How is baby and are u back to work yet??

  9. lolololol Miss B! Thankyou! Thankyou!
    Practice makes perfect! (as well as patience and willing to try!)
    Baby Minh is now 5months and is a happy funny baby! He's still learning to sit up unaided and can do for a several seconds before toppling over! We will start weaning soon, but we're trying new tastes and textures few times a week as a gentle start.
    Not back to work yet as I want to take 12mths off. In fact, I'm beginning to feel I couldn't leave baby whilst I go out to work and want to stay at home. Besides, we have no relatives near by and my mum works anyway. Childcare costs would equate to 3/4 of my pay. I would feel that I am working to pay the childminder and missing out on my son's development.