Friday, 3 December 2010

Sew Again - Loop Handled Purse

I've bookmarked this purse tutorial for a while now and even bought the hardware for it.  I had an idea of what fabric I wanted to use too but I heard it's tricky to use as the edges are prone to fraying. 

I love Chinese Brocade fabric.  Maybe it's the oriental in me?  I'd like to think it's silk, but I think I just have the polyester type.  As it's so smooth, slinky and shiny, I thought a similar lining fabric would be appropriate.  So I opted for polyester lining material.  Another slippery contender which frays at a mere stroke. 

Cutting the material wasn't too difficult as the pieces aren't large.  I took my time as this was going to be a Special Going Out Bag.  :0)  I decided I would try prevent too much fraying by using some fusible interfacing on the wrong side of both the brocade and lining.  Idea being 'cos it's stuck to something the edges won't fray?  Worked on the lining and the brocade still frayed a little - might just be the loose strands though.  The pattern uses heavy sew-in interfacing as well which makes the bag lovely and slightly padded.  It means it can be an absolute @*$% to sew 'cos it gets thick in places! 

Still.  It's finished and ready for it's first night out next week.  Am impressed that I'm not working on it minutes before I plan to use it.  I'm rather chuffed with my bag.


  1. are so pro when it comes to making your own bag. It looks great ! You are a talented Momsie no doubt and btw Minh looks so handsome and adorable. Bet he will have some lasses falling for him when he grows up. Hugs and muaxs Minh for me :) say its from Aunty Elin :)

  2. Well done! It looks sensational, hope you go somewhere really special so you can show it off :) I haven't dared to try sewing with this sort of slippery fabric. Once I tried to make my own swimsuit, with Lycra, oh boy, I promised myself, never ever again!! It is SO dang slippery.

  3. Merry Xmas to you and family. Hugs and muax to Minh...4 mths old must be lots of fun with him when he is learning to turn and crawl. Guess he must be keeping you busy :)

    Have fun this Xmas,

  4. Thanks Shaz - I even made a coin purse to go with it! I took them to my work's Christmas Karaoke - but we were to busy catching up, eating and having fun for anyone to notice my bag :0(

    Hi Elin! Thankyou! Yes, Minh is 4mths, he's not mastered crawling yet. Wiggling, yes, lots of! He can left head up when on his tummy, but hasn't got strength in arms to crawl forward. Legs are very strong though. His head is still a little heavy for him at times and sometimes topples over when he is put into a seated position. He can't sit unaided yet. I think CHristmas is keeping me busy as I've been making and decorating Christmas Cakes - plus my dad is back from Hong Kong so we've been spending time with him.
    Glad you have your piggies around you for Christmas and I look forward to finding out what you get up to!
    Hugs and kisses from Minh!