Thursday, 21 October 2010

Minh Update - 10 weeks old ~ Little Poser!

(* Edited - as I typed 10 months in the title instead of 10 weeks!?!?!!?  I know babies become a part of your life very quickly but still!)

Got camera snappy yesterday - although am wishing I used hubby's posh camera - his Canon Digital SLR.  I mainly use his Fuji Finepix - especially when snapping whilst cooking and my hands are far from clean and dry!

Anyhow, he had a bath yesterday afternoon after a messy nappy change and he just loves the hairdryer!  Couldn't resist the urge to capture his movements!  Then once dressed he was ready for his milk and looked positively adorable - like butter wouldn't melt!  When he locks his deep dark eyes on you whilst being fed - that's what makes me melt!  Hope he doesn't remember that trick when he's older and been mischievious!

Do you think this is my best side?

Yeah!  I win!

Gimme cuddles!

After Minh had dried off (and stopped posing in the warm currents from the hairdryer!) it was time for an afternoon snack.  Still feeding every 3-4 hours, sometimes even 5 hours!  He only gained 6.5 oz in 11 days when he usually puts on around 7-9 oz in a week.  His dad is now trying to fatten him up by increasing his milk from 5 oz to 6-7 oz.  Will take him for another weigh-in next week so we'll see how Minh is then.

I'm off to attempt to make some macarons - the fancy fiddly french ones.  Don't ask me why - just feel I need to try (and probably fail) these!  Personally, I blame it on far too much blog-surfing and stumbling upon these devillish delights!  How can you not resist after that?!?  Wish me luck, I hear they are notoriously difficult to get right!


  1. He is such a cutie, so cuddly :) Is he already 10 mths old or 10 weeks old?

  2. Awwwwww....Minh is so cutee......10months or 10 weeks old really cant wait for him to grow huh ! Lol! he is big for a 2 months old baby. Those eyes ...going to melt the heart of girls when he grows up. He already melted mine anyway :)

    So you are trying to make macarons....practice makes perfect but I haven't taken up the challenge to try them out. Can be quite tedious :) Good luck and can't wait for you to share with us your experience in making them. Btw thanks for the birthday wishes :)

    * hugs and muax to Minh too !

  3. Ah...well spotted mistake! Blame the fuzzy brain on disturbed nighttime sleep! Yes, 10wks....not 10mths! Will correct! Thanks!

    lol Elin! I have fuzzy typing and mushy brain! Yes, 10wks! I think he's big yet when I go to see a friend who had her baby boy 3days after Minh her son makes Minh look small! Minh's friend now weighs 13lb 12oz to Minh's 12lb 4oz! Minh's dad is trying to fatten Minh up by stuffing him with extra milk!

  4. Thanks Mr Pineapple Man - I'm sure that compliment has been paid to you many a time! :0)

  5. How did your macarons turn out? I've got some frozen egg whites and I've been wanting to make macarons but always procrastinating.

  6. Ah...Blessed Homemaker, maybe you will have more luck than me! I tried but didn't blog about it until today after I went on hunt for the french macarons - no luck there only english macaroons!

  7. I still chicken out, haven't made them yet :P

  8. Heheheheheh Blessed Homemaker - don't blame you! I'm not brave to try again yet! I'd like to make Matcha flavour, but my mum thinks she may have diabetes so I may have to make some savoury treats and snacks now. Shame, cakes are more fun.