Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Minh Update - 11 weeks

For a change, the sun is shining and it always makes for a better photo.  I've taken these photos not because Minh has changed much in appearance but just for your viewing pleasure!  Minh has started to babble more now, sometimes his cries can sound like "Mere, mere...." which sounds like he's speaking french as that's the word for mum.  Hubby (Mr Leaf) tells me that's the Vietnamese word for mum too.  Other sounds are "Gurr, gurr, gurr."  No idea what that is.  Funny how they repeat their words/sounds.

Minh makes me laugh when I'm talking to him as it sounds as if he's answering to me.  I often speak to him in English (living here so long it comes second nature) occasionally I remember my Chinese roots and speak to him in Hakka - my mother tongue.  He replies with "Hair, hair, hair." Sounding like Hakka for "Yes".  Makes me smile!

Here are today's snapshots for you to coo over!

"Where's the camera?"
"Well Helloooo There!"
"Say Cheese?  That's silly! I don't eat cheese!?!!"

"All that posing makes me zzzzzzzz........"

...and a rare appearance from yours truly.


  1. Minh has grown ..just one week and so much difference...hahaha more rounder. He looks like the mama :) and he so clever to replied you in hair lol! so cute ! What joke did you share with him to make laugh so heartily!!!!

    he is going to grow up looking so handsome :) One kiss for Minh :)

  2. Congrats on your new born! You will have more babbling to come, have fun!

  3. He seemed to be going through a spell of not being that hungry. Past week was better, so I guess cheeks have filled out again. Funny, my brother said the same thing this week.

    Ah, to get him to smile? Well, if you put a big enough, overly exaggerated smile on your face he sometimes gts the message and reciprocates with a chuckle! Camera ready....SNAP!

    Anytime you want a new piccy of Minh just say Elin and I'll get the camera snapping! ;0)

    Thankyou Blessed Homemaker & welcome to my blog! :0)

  4. Baby Minh has pretty eyes just like mummy, he is so chubby and adorable :)

  5. Thankyou EEWIF! Your little majesty is a stunner too! Seeing him reach out for his mummy's homebaking is heart warming!