Saturday, 2 October 2010

Orange Chocolate Chip Bread 香橙巧克力麵包

I've not yet baked this, but those who've read the previous posts on bread will understand 70% of this bread dough is started 17 hours ahead and left to prove in fridge.  (Edit: bread baked 03 Oct ~ photos and comments added below.)

Orange Chocolate Chip Bread 香橙巧克力麵包

Pre-ferment Dough
bread flour          70%          462g
water                  40%          264g
fresh yeast           2%            13g
sea salt                1%            7g
skim milk powder 2%           13g

Dissolve the yeast in water.  Add bread flour, sea salt, skim milk powder and knead until soft.  Cover the dough in cling wrap.  Refrigerate to let it prove for 17 hours.

bread flour              30%          198g
skim milk powder     3%            20g
sea salt                     1%              7g
sugar                       10%           66g
water                       2%            13g  (I didn't bother with the water as it's only a small amount)
egg                           6%           40g
orange marmalade   24%        158g  (Mine was an Orange & Tangerine Marmalade)
fresh yeast               1%             7g
unsalted butter         8%           53g

100g chocolate chips  (I used dark chocolate chips)
2 pc grated orange zest or glace orange peel  (I had a tub of whole candied clementines I'd bought from France a few years back.  I chopped one clementine for the bread (50g).  Next time I would double this as it disappeared in the loaf.)

  • Cut the pre-ferment dough into small pieces.
  • Knead all ingredients together (except the butter, chocolate chips and the orange zest).  Add pre-ferment dough piece by piece.  Knead after each addition until soft and smooth.  Add butter, chocolate chips and the orange zest. Knead until stretchable consistency
  • Put the dough into a big bowl.  Cover with cling wrap and let it prove for about 25-30 minutes.  (I left mine in a mound on a board and covered with oiled cling film.)
Looking just swell.

  • Divide the dough into thirty-six small equal portions.  Flatten to drive out the air. Roll them into balls.  Set aside to rest for about 20 minutes.  (The weight of my dough came to approx 1550g.  I rolled 15x50g balls to fit in one loaf tin and hand squared 8x100g pieces of dough to fit in the other tin.)

  • Flatten and roll them round again.  Place nine dough balls into a square tin.  Cover with cling wrap.  (The author used 4 small square tins that she called  mousse tins.  I used the two 1lb loaf tins I have.)

  • Let it prove again for about 40-45 minutes or until the dough has risen to 80% of the depth of the loaf tin.  (I added egg wash on the top of my breads before baking for a shiny finish.)  Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170-180 deg C for about 30-35 minutes.
Puffed and proven, ready for the oven.  The rolls on right look like fat sausages!

    Baking chocolate can stand high heat.  It doesn't melt in the baking process.

    This is the recipe from Kin's book, Natural Breads Made Easy.  (天然麵包香 ~ 獨角仙@藍色大門.)  I am in the process of making this and will finish the post with my results tomorrow including any findings and photos.  :0)

    Natural Breads Made Easy.  (天然麵包香 ~ 獨角仙@藍色大門.)
    Bread Bake Off Update:

    I made a couple of boo-boos (a silly error - or in my case, THREE boo-boos,) when making this bread.  Firstly, when I had incorporated the pre-ferment dough to the dough mix, I thought the dough was too wet and sticky so I added a tablespoon of flour.  Then another and another.  I still had a sticky chewing gum type mass in the bowl - not elasticy and stretchy at all.  Then I realised I'd forgotten to add the butter, choc chips and candied orange!  The addition of butter usually makes the dough less sticky and easier to work with.  The fear of adding too much flour is that the ratio of flour to water is altered and can result in a tough, drier bread.

    My second boo-boo was not greasing the loaf tins properly.  One has a non-stick finish so no probs there.  The other tin was probably not greased carefully enough and the sides of the bread stuck to the pan!

    Now, I'm not entirely sure what I did wrong but the bottom of the loaves are indented.  It looks like the dough did not touch the bottom of the tin.  I don't know whether that was me not putting the dough in very well into the tins or whether I took the bread out to early to see if it was ready.  I baked as instructed for 30 minutes and tipped the longer loaf out to tap the bottom.  I was surprised to see the bottom of the dough did not touch the bottom of the pan and so was soft and spongy.  A hollow sound when tapped indicates the bread is cooked.  The breads were already looking rather browned on top so I lowered the shelf and turned down the heat a little.  I baked for a further 15 minutes.  This time I checked the shorter loaf tin.  This bread was stuck to the sides.  (Did I forget to grease this?)  Again it had a puckered base.  Into bake again for a further 15 minutes.  They looked finally ready although the bases still hadn't recovered fully.  Have not seen this before and not sure what had caused it.  Still sliced and tasted lovely.  Love the dark choc chips in the loaf but I'm not sure where the candied clementine went?  I would add another candied clementine next time and go easy on adding more flour.  The bread has a good chew to it may be a result of the flour I was adding.   Maybe you'll do a better job than I did!

    My blog friend Everybody Eats Well In Flanders made this in tandem this weekend as I posted the ingredients and recipe before I completed the loaves so she could bake it too.  Her hand-held mixer died on her in the process but she still made an excellent loaf.  Her version she called Orange Marmalade Loaf as she omitted the chocolate chips.

    Bread is slightly over fired but it gave it a nice crunchy crusty top.

    Not sure what I did wrong but the base of the bread is puckered.

    Despite my errors, the bread does have minute bubbles running through it.


    1. Hi PL
      I forgot to ask u this while baking the earl grey tea loaf. Do u use cold water, water at room temp or warm water for the preferment dough? Someone also asked me this at my blog, whether I take the preferment dough out to let it adjust to room temp before using. What do u think?

    2. Hello
      My preferment dough is sitting nice and tight in the fridge,I only made half of it. :) Btw u said to divide the dough into 36 small equal portions and to place 9 dough balls into a square pan? Is this not a loaf? I dun have a square pan,so I will make it a loaf then. :)

    3. Hi Miss B,
      I have a jug of water that sits on kitchen counter so it's room temp water I use for pre-ferment & main dough. As it's a long slow ferment (17 hr in fridge) I guess it doesn't need the warm water to start it off. Same when incorporating it into main dough following day, it's straight from fridge, cut up then mixed into the ingredients.

      The recipe uses a square tin - I think she calls it a mousse tin? I saw one in shops but couldn't justify buying it! As she was using a square tin, she placed nine balls of dough in each tin (4 small tins). As with any bread you can shape it to your liking. I've not decided what tin or shape I'm making yet. :0)
      My dough is swelling nicely in fridge too! I don't fancy getting up at 5am to finish it though! Mine will sit over 17 hrs!
      Have you managed to locate fresh yeast? I was in a supermarket earlier & saw so many packs & thought of you. Do you think it would post well?

    4. I just finished baking the orange loaf. Smells so good, and tastes heavenly. I didn't put choc chips inside, but substituted with grated orange zest of 1 big orange. I only made one loaf hence I halved the quantity of everything. Used the same amount of instant yeast as fresh yeast, still it didn't rise as much as yours. Must get fresh yeast somehow!

      Forgot to thank you for the recipe again!

    5. Mine might be ready for's been proving.
      Fresh yeast? I'll send you some in post. It's quite cheap. £3.50/kilo and you only need 20-25g for around 600-700g flour (recipe dependant). I buy it in a pack with 4 foil wrapped cubes of yeast and the total package is £0.45 for 125g. More than enough for several loaves in the week! The packs I saw on Saturday had a shelf-life of 7days. Not sure if it can be frozen though.
      email me......lemmie420 (yahoo uk)

      Will post piccies later...hubbs needs feeding

    6. Very beautiful! 好漂亮!Did you egg-wash the loaves? They are nicely browned :)

      I halved the quantity of the recipe to make just 1 loaf and my dough weighed 720g before baking. I thought why didnt mine rise as high as yours when I used the right amount of instant yeast this time, then I remembered that I halved the volume. Silly me. I also made some boo-boos last night, but it was with my cooking. Tried to make steam pumpkin kuih, but forgot to put in the sliced pumpkins, haha, in the end was a flop. :p

    7. I thought sweet loaves need the shine to look good so I egg-washed it. They rose in the oven and they started near the top half of the oven and got too brown. Almost black really. Gives it a good crust and good flavour is my excuse!!
      Your bread turned out well - looks like 排包 !!
      Didn't get round to making sweet buns. Gelatinised dough still in fridge! Bit tired today, may have to be mid-week buns!

    8. As for fresh yeast, I'll send you some in post. It's cheap here (well, you get enough for 5 lots of Kin's recipes that make 2 loaves and it's less than £1.00 GBP). Postage probably costs more than the yeast!
      Drop me an email (with your address) & I'll post some off to you. Post to europe I'd imagine will take a day and as it's cool at the moment, I'm sure the yeast'll be fine. My email is

    9. Hello Plumleaf,

      You are so sweet to even think of sending me fresh yeast :) I think I can get fresh yeast here. I saw a pack of 500g bruggeman active dry yeast in the supermarket, not sure whether its indeed fresh yeast though. But in the end I decided against it cos I dunno how long it will take to finish that whole pack. 10gx50, I would have to bake 50 breads in order to finsh that whole pack. Moreover, I still haven't start my hunt for a new cake-mixer. I started my Dutch level 4 this week in the university, so from now til Xmas, baking has to be relegated to 2nd priority :)

    10. Miss B,
      if it's active dry yeast, it is indeed that - dried. It should be 'woken' up in water before use. The granules are larger than instant yeast (which can is added to the flour when dry)so needs to dissolve in water before use.
      The yeast I've bought is in fridge. In some stores, it's not displayed out but when I ask for it at the in-store bakery they get it from their fridge, package some up for me then & there to purchase. They bake bread in-store so it's something they have anyway. Do you have Tesco in Flanders? As I've got yeast from there, as well as Sainsbury's & Morrisons.
      The fresh yeast is honestly no bother and very inexpensive for what you will need.

      Was too tired to make the 12hr sweet bun dough - so still not done. :0(

    11. Actually I really admire u for ur energy after childbirth. U shouldnt tire urself out during the 'confinement month'. Traditionally it should be 40days, not just 30days. U should rest well, as the effects of not resting well will appear months later, like I suffer backaches bcos I didnt rest well during the 1st 2 mths. So no bread baking ok :}

    12. Thankyou Miss B, my mum has given up telling me to rest (that is feet up resting not on computer!!) - she says I will regret it when older if not properly rested. I think she gave up hope telling me after 3wks. Minh will be 2mths old on Sunday.
      OK, no manic baking this weekend. Will try at any rate! :0)

    13. Mmmmm...this looks very nice!! I've never started writing a blog post before baking something! haha...that's so cool! =) And 17 hours is a very long time....the longest I've ever had between start and finish is like...overnight??

    14. Hi Von,
      ~It was pretty mad! It was so Everybody Eats Well in Flanders could start hers off too without having to wait for me. I posted the recipe then added photos and my errors later!
      17hrs is a long time so best start the dough & place in fridge overnight to do its magic. It still rises in fridge despite it being cold. Next day, take it out, chop it up & mix with the remaining ingredients for the loaf.

    15. Hi,
      I found you through Everybody Eats Well In Flanders. Your bread looks good too! Love the dark brown crust.

    16. Hi Blessed Homemaker,
      thankyou for compliments - have just been reading your blog too! Maybe your little ones will enjoy this orange bread?